life lessons: june 21, 2012


{1} When you’re in your first post-pregnancy power yoga class and your head starts spinning, get your butt down on the mat. There’s no shame in child’s pose. There might, however, be shame in fainting because you’re so dang prideful.

{2} Eat something before aforementioned yoga class. Might help with the dizziness.

{3} An undressed baby will pee all over your favorite grey tee. Don’t think you’re safe.

{4} Don’t attempt to try on your pre-pregnancy size jeans when an extra 20 pounds still graces your body. Just wait.

{5} Hiring a paid babysitter will make you feel like a real mom. Seriously. It’s weird.

And that’s what I have learned by 2:43 pm on Thursday, June 21, 2012. Thank you, life.