A Healthy August

I signed up to do this kinda crazy thing….

Hot yoga every day of the week, except Sundays, for a month.

Normally, I would run the other direction from such insanity (and sweat), but my teacher is fantastic and I need to lose the baby weight and, frankly, I want to do something that scares me a little. When it comes to health, experience has taught me to be reasonable, moderate, and patient. But sometimes we need a big kick in the behind. I’ve been excessively tired lately and more than a little discouraged that I can’t zip my pre-pregnancy jeans yet, so I’m devoting myself to health in August in a zealous way.

{1} Hot yoga (I sincerely hope I don’t drown in my own sweat.)
{2} Very strict limit on processed foods; unlimited veggies and fruits; focus on protein and fats (I’ve already started this and can see an impact on the scale.)
{3} Do not skip breakfast, even if I have to eat with the baby in my lap
{4} Drink water throughout day
{5} Sleep 7-9 hours, and stick to daily wake-up time (6 AM)

That’s my plan. Because I have a history of becoming extremely obsessive with weight, I give myself some wiggle room. For example, I’ve been eating clean for about a week now, but Sunday I had a pastry at church. I had missed breakfast at home and was hungry, so I ate a raspberry-filled delight with no anguish. I have to give myself that space, or it turns into crazy town in my head. Some people work better with strict no “cheating” rules, but I don’t.

Any favorite tips about how y’all get back into the health groove?

Mary posted a health challenge for August yesterday, too, with many good ideas. Seems like we’re all giving ourselves a healthy kickstart this month!