A Short Tuesday Note


I did this to my hair yesterday. Well, I didn’t. My stylist did.
Before Caroline was born, I promised myself I wouldn’t chop off my hair. But oh well, I have mom hair.

Also, can anyone tell me how long postpartum I must wait to see my jawline again? Just wondering.

Have a lovely Tuesday, and hope on over to Mercy(INK) for a fun linkup that I’m too behind on housework to participate in today.


stitch fix

Who doesn’t love a pleasant surprise?

A couple of weeks ago, I found out about StitchFix through Blair’s blog and signed right up. For a $20 styling fee, you get a box of goodies (clothes and accessories) delivered to your doorstep, you try them on in the serenity (or not) of your own home, and then you decide what to keep and what to send back. The $20 credits toward anything you decide to keep.

After filling out the styling survey, I was a bit skeptical. Could they really send me a box of things I would actually like and that would fit? I noted on my survey that I was 2 months postpartum and would need clothes that allowed for a changing body. Good luck with that, I thought. Also, I’m unapologetically picky about my clothes. Again, good luck, StitchFix people.

Yesterday I came home to find my first delivery. First, I just need to tell you how exciting it is to get a box of fashion-y stuff that is all a surprise! I practically skipped inside.

This was my spread. {Excuse the iPhone photos–a photographer I am not.}

My first thought: I love this yellow sweater! It’s perfectly “me,” and I don’t mind spending a little on lightweight sweaters because I tend to wear them year-round. Keeper.

The pink polka-dot dress also felt very much my style and it fit, but I need more casual clothes at the moment, so I sent it back. The snakeskin tank was surprisingly cute once I tried it on, but I didn’t love it. Though you can’t see them in my pitiful pictures, they also sent a rope bracelet and some blue earrings. The earrings were pretty but cost more ($32, I think) than I like to spend on accessories. The rope bracelet was perfection–basic, natural, good to mix-and-match with my simple gold jewelry–so I kept it.

Overall, I was happily surprised by both the style and fit of my first fix. With the feedback I gave them on my returns, I think the next one will be even better.

If you’re interested, click here for an invite! If you sign up through my link, I get credit toward my next purchase. AND…if you sign up, you get a referrer link, too, so you can earn credit when your friends sign up. How neato is that?

P.S- Please ignore the mess that is my bedroom in that picture. Don’t hold it against me.

May Favorites

{1} Essie nail polish in Muchi Muchi. Soft, girly pink with enough punch to stand out. Lovin’ it on my toenails.
{2} Aviators. They’re glamorous and sporty at the same time, and the ultimate cool girl sunglasses.These are the classic Ray-Bans, but I purchased a much cheaper version at the ultimate place for sunglasses–Target.
{3} This Old Navy tank has a flattering drape and bold color.
{4} Aden + Anais bamboo swaddle blankets are luscious. They are so seriously soft that I am tempted to just rub them against my cheek. No joke. Worth the splurge if you’ve got a little one to bundle up. (And the prints are unlike anything else in baby land.)