It started like this: I wanted to write about how the Lord was working in my life, mostly so that I could no longer ignore or forget all He does. That’s what Shine is really about. I need to foster my own abiding in Him so that He might shine in my life. And yours too, perhaps? Growing in the Lord is best as a shared activity, and let’s admit it, sometimes we just need another sojourner to come alongside and encourage us. Sometimes, though, I just want to talk about lipstick or polka dot dresses or a pretty picture of a kitchen. Or my impending leap into the world of motherhood. You’ll find a smattering of all that around here, but the heart of this space is fostering a life filled with love for Jesus and the light He wants to shine through all of us. I’d be oh-so-pleased if you’d join me!

And because I’m always curious about the authors of blogs I stumble across, I’ll give you the quick version of me:

 I’m a twenty-something from the South who loves academics (i.e., I’m a little  nerdy) and fashion (i.e., I tend to overdress). Married since the age of twenty-one,  I firmly believe two things about marriage: it’s hard, and it’s worth it. Also, marry a man who is kinder and more patient than you; it’s great motivation to be kinder and more patient yourself. We are expecting our first baby very soon, and nothing has surprised me more than the desire God has given me to be a mostly-stay-at-home mom. I never considered it for myself, but I’m so glad He did. The Lord is amazing in providing for our family as we learn to let go of our plans and trust His. Also, I’m partial to traveling, ice cream, reading books in one setting, coffee, and lying in the sunshine. I try to: have compassion, spend less, and take deep breaths. I watch sports constantly, but I’m not so much for participating in them. And that’s enough randomness, don’t you think?

Thank you sincerely for dropping by!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. What a sweet blog! I am loving reading about your walk with the Lord! What a joy to see how He is growing you through all these new seasons! Love you!

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