31 Days: The Small Moments

There are precious slivers of time we overlook each day. We might stop just long enough to realize we’re smiling, but it’s gone with the next annoyance. If we’re not careful, we simply miss so much.

I’ve found that contentment grows not out of the larger-than-life moments but rather the easily overlooked moments. Maybe we breeze by them because we think it is our right to experience them–that we deserve them–but that’s just not true. Not everyone is privileged to hear their child’s laughter (and screeching). Not everyone has a hot cup of coffee each morning. Not everyone falls into a soft bed at the end of the day.

When discontent begins to fester, stop. Stop and remember one good moment from your day. Remember one tiny, normal moment you took for granted.


One thought on “31 Days: The Small Moments

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