31 Days: Be Present

Honestly, I never got the whole “be present” mantra until I had a baby. Then, I would find myself rocking her small, warm body over and over while feeling anxious that I couldn’t be in the other room doing something else. I would look at her sweet face, changing nearly before my eyes. How could I want to miss that? How could I want to be anywhere else?

I realized it was a constant pattern in my day–physically doing one thing and my mind working on the next thing.

It’s a difficult habit to break in our multi-tasking, go-go-go society. Making efforts against this tendency has been well worth it for me, though. It has a noticeable effect on my mood–reducing frustration, keeping stress in check. Especially when I’m interacting with my daughter, I try to be present. Mind on her. Happy because she’s happy. Meeting whatever need she has at that moment. What is next is just that–next.



One thought on “31 Days: Be Present

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