31 Days: Whose Glory?

Some truths are keys. Once they engage, there is a shift, and other things click into place. Clearer, deeper understanding emerges and you wonder how you fumbled along without that particular locked box opened.

One of those keys for me was accepting that all of of this–this stuff we call life and faith–is about God’s glory. My happiness, my fulfillment, my family’s security–all of it trails far, far behind God’s glory. Actually, none of it is even on the same plane.

God is wholly different in His precious, infinite holiness, and striving for His glory is wholly different than anything else for which we might strive. The truth is that God desires to be glorified by everything, and when we submit to that, something divine happens. It’s not that you become constantly happy, but you do find that nothing compares to the peace God supernaturally grants when we accept that everything is all about Him.

After all, He’s the only one worthy, isn’t He?


One thought on “31 Days: Whose Glory?

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