31 Days: Keep Eternity in Focus

It’s hard. There are daily responsibilities and to dos–appointments, chores, work, and a thousand other possibilities. It’s oh-so-easy to drown in those tasks that claim the bulk of our time. Then, don’t we get to the place where we ask, “What’s the point of all this, anyway?”

It’s breathtaking when you realize there is a point to all of it. Christ. His glory. His kingdom. His gospel.

We don’t always see how it fits together, but I that if God gave me this list of tasks for this season of life, there is a good reason. When we can accept and believe that, everything is enriched with meaning. Your marriage is for the gospel. Your kids are for Christ. Your is work is for His glory.

It all matters, and there’s joy in that.


2 thoughts on “31 Days: Keep Eternity in Focus

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