31 Days: Soak in Truth

Our faith atrophies without it. Our perspective gets skewed without it. Our hearts are manipulated without it.

We need Truth. Bible study isn’t about checking off a box on our to-do lists (oh, how easily it becomes that). It’s about filling ourselves up with Truth so that we won’t be so easily filled up with the ickiness of this world. It’s about drawing near to our Lord, our only hope for the grace to grow.

When Bible study begins to feel like a legalistic must-do, I remind myself that I need it. On my own, I don’t know up from down. I need God’s wisdom. I like to think of it as marinating my mind in Truth–covering myself in it, letting it seep into all the dark crevices, being flavored by it through and through.

This practical step is pretty simple: dig into God’s Word. Read it prayerfully. It will keep everything in proper focus.


One thought on “31 Days: Soak in Truth

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