31 Days: Community

I would be okay hibernating with my books and my thoughts for weeks at a time. In fact, sometimes socializing just feels like work to me. However, I am convinced that God created us for community. It’s all over Scripture; just read through Acts and Paul’s letters to the early church. We are made to do life together, and our faith is made to thrive in fellowship.

Have you ever considered what the existence of the Trinity means in relation to us being created in the image of God? God’s existence as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit shows us the importance of relationship. God is relationship, and we are made in His image. When we lack community, we won’t be fully content.

The depth of that didn’t strike me until recently, and it changed me. I gritted my teeth, swallowed my anxiety, and started showing up–going to women’s group, teaching vacation Bible school. I had conversations that went beyond small talk and allowed myself to be vulnerable. Then I did something truly scary–I bought a ticket to the Influence Conference even though I didn’t know a soul attending. This week I’ll immerse myself in that new faith community.

Find a faith family and invest yourself in them. Find ways to take part in the physical community you live in, too. For all the discomfort it may bring at times, it will help foster joy in your life.


3 thoughts on “31 Days: Community

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  2. Rebecca, I just want you to know that this series is a blessing to me. I feel like God is working on my heart in this area. I thought I was a contented person. But, lately God has shown me some areas where I am not content. He is at work in me! I have been asking Him for help in this area. Thank you for sharing on this topic!

    • Laura-

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m thrilled that God might use anything in this series as a part of His work in you. Contentment is such a winding journey; there’s always another area to address. I wish you the best!


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