31 Days: When the Way is Dim

We established that God’s plans are more trustworthy than our own. We can believe that He has a plan and will protect it in our lives.

God has this tendency that can make following His plans difficult, though. I’ve found He often–most of the time–does not reveal the whole plan up front. In fact, many times all I can see is the very next step, and the rest remains hidden. That can cause some anxiety in my heart. It is not comfortable. It is not the way I would prefer it.

But….it is God’s way, and I have to decide if that’s enough.

Is it enough to know that God is the one leading? Do we trust Him enough to walk on sometimes dim pathways? They’re not dim to His divine eyes; that’s the thing to remember.

Sometimes I retreat back to plans formed by my own mind, the ones that provide a false sense of security and control. Inevitably, peace and joy slip away, and it is then I realize my mistake. No matter how unclear God’s plan seems to us, living in it is the only way to contentment. We can’t create it for ourselves.


3 thoughts on “31 Days: When the Way is Dim

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  2. I am struggling with this right now. God is doing some big things in my husband’s and my life and ministry, and we know where He is calling us, we are just unsure of the steps and the details of getting there. But I am giving it all to Him and I will take each step as He lights the dim path. Thanks for sharing!

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