Day 6: Contentment Is Not…

Do you ever hear someone talk about being content in their circumstances and think that maybe they’re just settling? Maybe they don’t need to accept their circumstances? Maybe they need to change them?

There’s truth in that but also a grain of misunderstanding. God really had to clear this one up for me over the past two years. Contentment is not settling. In fact, living in true joy involves working and striving for improvement, but it also requires acceptance of the imperfect road you’re traveling.

It’s both.

Don’t think that contentment means you just shrug your shoulders at what makes you unhappy, grit your teeth, and live through it. And don’t think you can get to work and fix it all on your own either.

We labor and strive. We pray and dream and work. We do it because we have such an unfathomable, otherworldly hope in the living God, His promises to us, His plans for us, His purposes working through us.


One thought on “Day 6: Contentment Is Not…

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