31 Days: Give

If you’re following along with this contentment series, you may be wondering, “Okay, but what do you do to be more content?” The truth is I’m an idea person more than a practical action person, but there are a collection of pragmatic steps that have helped me foster joy in my life. The first is giving.

We’ve been desensitized to that verse, haven’t we? It’s become trite and cliche. But do we know who said those words? Jesus. It was Christ Himself who told us that giving of ourselves is more rewarding than getting for ourselves.  And He showed us that He meant it when He gave Himself up for us on the cross.

Taking giving seriously will bring joy into you life. Give of your time, your energy, and, yes, your money. Give of yourself to someone else. Approach your day with the intention to pour yourself into others, and you’ll find yourself filled up.


6 thoughts on “31 Days: Give

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  2. Hello I am visiting via the Nester’s 31 days series. Your series is so inspirational and leaves me with such happiness.

    I too am participating in the series. My topic is “Decor To Adore~ finding your style”. I would like to invite you to stop by anytime.

    Have a beautiful day and a wonderful fall season.

  3. this i know to be true…i am so thrilled to have a scripture now to go with my own life experience. when my daughter was diagnosed in 2008 with sms my life, world and dreams came crashing down…but now, the bigger picture….i can see my blessings. it took 3 years of depression and blackness but it was’giving’ that made me see the big picture, eventually leading me to the Ukraine last February to love special needs orphans in an institution. Gods plan is so huge for all of us and for me giving of myself made it come into focus, sadness cleared and brought sunshine back again! Rebecca thank you xxxx

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