31 Days: Decide Who to Please

There’s this impossible task we take upon ourselves: pleasing everyone.

And it’s just that–impossible. In fact, I’ve found life gets difficult if I’m trying to please more than one person.

So who do you choose? Yourself? Your spouse? Your boss? The neighborhood matriarch? Change it up every day?

Things changed for me when I finally said, “Okay, God, you’re the standard. The only standard.” That decision has put me in humbling places, making choices that don’t please others, doing things in a way that doesn’t even make sense to me at times.

But I’ve decided who I want to please, and there is tremendous freedom in that. The biggest upside? When I’m after pleasing God, I’m ultimately better for the people around me, particularly my husband and my daughter, and the rest falls into place.

As long as we’re consumed with meeting everyone’s expectations, we will not live in contentment. There’s too much to disrupt it. Decide who you want to please and steady your eyes on them.


One thought on “31 Days: Decide Who to Please

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