31 Days: Pour Out Your Heart

I wish I could take you by the hand, give you a hug, serve you up a hot cup of coffee, whatever you need to make this a little easier. Because this part of the process, well, it’s a little painful.

Friends, we have to get honest with ourselves, and most importantly our God, about our unhappiness.

I’m unhappy with my marriage.

I can’t stand my job.

I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

My kids are driving me crazy.

I can’t see the point in any of this, God.

Am I doing anything that matters?

I don’t want to change another diaper for the rest of my life.

Whatever it is for you–say it. Get with your Lord and lay yourself bare, remembering always that He already knows. All the creases and crevices where you try to push those feelings into hiding? God sees to the deepest depths of them, and He wants to clean them out as only He can. Let Him. Get real with Him.

I know that sense of shame you’re fighting. You can’t believe you–a Christian wife with a good life–could feel so deeply unhappy with the way everything is going. You’re embarrassed that you’re so discontent and can’t put your finger on exactly why. That sense of shame? That’s not from our Heavenly Father. Pray against it, push through it, and get to God. That’s where healing starts, with a soul laid bare, with clear eyes that aren’t afraid to look at your own heart because you know the ultimate Healer.


2 thoughts on “31 Days: Pour Out Your Heart

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