31 Days: Contentment That Won’t Flee

Links to all posts in the series can be found at the end of this post. 

It’s already here! The Nester’s 31 Days series starts now, and I’m taking the plunge. Honestly, I wanted to write about something light and fun–personal style or the like–but I’ve had something heavy on my heart that’s begging to be written.

So here we go–31 days of fighting for contentment that won’t flee, won’t fade, can’t be stolen.

Why this? Because I’ve been right there, under the weight of discontentment, wishing away days and overlooking the magnitude of blessings. And then, when my toes were sliding over the edge, God gently pulled me back to safety. No magic formula, no self-help quick fix, just submitting to God’s loving, sharpening, beautiful work.

My hope is that the comfort I have experienced might be passed on to someone else, as Paul tells us God intends (II Corinthians 1:4). I’m no expert; this is just my story. I’ll share the deep-down, painful things I learned as well as the daily, pragmatic practices that have helped me move from crushing discontentment to persevering contentment. All posts will be listed here as they’re posted for ease of organization.

I hope to see you back tomorrow, and be sure to check out the many others linking up this month!

Update (October 15th): I’m a few days behind due to being completely (and wonderfully) distracted by the Influence Conference. I’ll be playing catch up daily this week.

Day 2: Pour Out Your Heart

Day 3: Perspective

Day 4: Decide Who to Please

Day 5: Give

Day 6: Contentment Is Not…

Day 7: Paul, An Example

Day 8: Plans

Day 9: When the Way is Dim

Day 10: Community

Day 11: When Contentment Is Hard

Day 12: Soak in Truth

Day 13: Rest

Day 14: Whose Glory?

Day 15: Keep Eternity in Focus

Day 16: Protected Purpose

Day 17: The Small Moments

Day 18: Romans Eight Twenty-Eight

Day 19: Be Present

Day 20: Look For Growth


22 thoughts on “31 Days: Contentment That Won’t Flee

  1. I’ve been writing about contentment lately too. It was like a lesson I knew I needed to learn and couldn’t even figure out how to do so. Sitting in church one day, singing Amazing Grace, I realized how wretched my covetousness is, that Jesus actually died for that sin. I won’t say I’m cured of coveting … it is two steps forward and one step back some days … but I’m happy to say I do feel contentment and gratitude much more, and (often) confessing covetousness is a big piece of that.

    • Oh how I can relate to that. I think so much of our discontent is related to the fact that we simply forget to see how great things really are. A hard lesson to be sure.

      Thanks so much for sharing your story, Christie!

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