The Real Deal

Are you heading to Influence in a couple few weeks?

I am, and I’m giddy about it. Making new friends typically leaves me sweaty-palmed and wanting to fake sickness, but for whatever reason, God has gotten my heart thrilled about this opportunity.

If you’re attending–or if you’re considering attending next year, perhaps–head over to and watch the simulcast video from last week (link on their blog). It will give you a glimpse of the authentic, funny, grace-soaked heart of these women.

My favorite part? The discussion of not recognizing each other in person because our avatars don’t actually look like us. Um, guilty.

That picture on the right? That was pre-baby–so add 20 pounds, a major hair cut, and the darkest hair I’ve ever had, and you have what I actually look like now.

So there you go–that’s what I’ll actually look like at Influence Conf. No visible jawline and Alexa Chung-wannabe hair. Someone else please tell me they won’t be looking their best October 11th.


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