Baby is teething. Mama is struggling to accomplish more than the bare minimum. It’s just one of those weeks at the Stewart household. But….Parenthood is back! (If you’re not excited about this, I don’t know what to say.)

Something odd happened to me during this week’s season premier episode.

I started to identify with the adults.

Technically, I’ve been an adult for 8 years. Committed to marriage for nearly 5 years. Have a Master’s degree. I’ve noticed, though, that I have a difficult time seeing myself as “one of the adults.” It’s not that I behave like an adolescent; in fact, I’ve been weirdly responsible and sensible (read: boring) since childhood. I just don’t feel like an adult. Watching a show with the family dynamics of Parenthood, I’m still more likely to empathize with the kids and think the parents are a little over-the-top.

Watching those parents preparing to send their oldest daughter off to college on the other side of the country, though, something just shifted. My heart said, “!!!!!!!!!!” If you can’t translate exclamation points, that means, “Oh no! My daughter is going to leave one day, too! No! Not my baby! Don’t leave me! Ah! My baby!”

And now I’m a crazy lunatic mother who can already envision the day we will move to the city Caroline chooses for college. Someone help me.


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