The New Productivity

Starting back to school always made me happy. New routines to settle into, freshly organized clothes to wear, crisp new books and planners to take on, projects to conquer–it all promises a sense of productivity that I love.

Oh, how times change. I’m feeling quite productive today because of the following:

  • I showered! I’m not going to tell you how many days it had been because…gross.
  • Breakfast and lunch have been consumed at appropriate times. Hasn’t happened in weeks.
  • Read in both my Bible studies (in the same morning!).
  • Lesson mostly prepared for 5th grade church class tonight.
  • Did I mention the shower? The clean hair?

You’ve got to laugh at how humbling new motherhood can be. No more celebrating 20-page research papers; basic hygiene and nutrition are accomplishments now. And you couldn’t convince me to go back for anything.


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