Influence Introduction

Hi, Influence friends! I need to make a confession from the start: as a to-the-core introvert, I’m a little freaked out about coming to meet all of you without any “real life” friends in tow. But I’m so excited to be drawn into this group of creative, faithful women; I couldn’t ignore the pull to come learn, worship, and laugh with y’all. Here’s a little bit of what you should know before we meet in October.

3 get-to-know-me facts:

{1} My life is about my people: husband, baby, parents, church community. In all honesty, God had to pull some other things from my hands before I realized what a treasure these people are. They are enough, and I’m learning to pour myself into them.
{2} I’m a little nerdy. Love to dig into learning, enjoy marathon reading sessions, take copious notes. I can have an excellent weekend with a lot of coffee and a few good books.
{3} Jesus has been my Savior for many years now, but His grace has fallen fresh on me the past three years. I’m just in love with this Lord that I can trust with everything, and I’m always searching for what it means to follow Him in our everyday.

2 thing I’m looking forward to at Influence:

{1} People: I love how the word “tribe” has been used to describe the coming together of this group. There’s a sense of intimacy and loyalty there, and that’s what I hope we find in October amidst our different gifts, occupations, and point-of-views.
{2} Learning from you all. I’m a new, little blogger with many dreams and few concrete ideas to make it all happen. Some of it involves online work, and a lot of it doesn’t. Y’all are moms, entrepreneurs, wives, writers, artists, and a bunch of other things that I want to know about.

1 thing I can’t leave home without:

{1} Dry shampoo.

I’m so looking forward to meeting you all in October!


14 thoughts on “Influence Introduction

  1. Yes to dry shampoo!!! Love.

    And darling, you will be in the MAJORITY being one without “in real life” friends! That’s SO many of us!! We’re in it together – that’s what tribes do, right??

  2. Looking forward to meeting you in person! I’m an introvert too and am a bit hesitant about meeting so many new people at the conference, but I’m hoping to make some new blogging friends who love Jesus!

  3. Nice to meet you, Rebecca! I am an introvert too…and this conference is definitely going to grow me. I love dry shampoo too…especially being a new mom.

    Can’t wait to meet you in October!

  4. you & me, nerds both. if influence were a weekend to get away and read, it would be almost as exciting to me! (operative word: ALMOST. ;] )

    i love how the word “tribe” has been used, too. i’m so looking forward to the community that erupts from this! i feel like it’s been bubbling all summer and i love that.

    so excited to meet you, Rebecca!

  5. Hi, Rebecca! Love the theme of your blog (I feel like I’ve visited and said that before). It actually matches the theme of a series I’m doing throughout October! And I, too, have recently felt a refreshed desire to find out what it means to serve God in the everyday. Looking forward to meeting you at the conference!

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