On Sunday, I’ll celebrate my 26th birthday. I keep thinking that one of these years I’ll feel mature and adult-like and as if I actually fit into my own life stage. Maybe next year.

One of my goals for this year is to set goals. I’m good with big ideas, not so good with nailing down the details. I’m praying about making these goals more specific, but for now I’m publicly posting my working list of 26 goals. The first are specific to this coming year; the last are lifetime goals.

Goals for the this year:

  1. Complete the Home-Ec online class.
  2. Read the chronological Bible through.
  3. Play in the sand with Caroline for the first time.
  4. Keep up my yoga practice.
  5. Become a good enough sewist/seamstress/whatever-it’s-called to make some of my own designs and sew Caroline’s dresses.
  6. Host a memorable 1st birthday for Caroline.
  7. Create holiday family traditions–Christmas, birthdays, New Year’s, Easter.
  8. Be a part of leading someone to Christ.
  9. Lose all the baby weight before getting pregnant again.
  10. Provide a needy child with health care, education, and spiritual attention.
  11. Find the money in our budget to sponsor said child through reducing my personal spending.
  12. Own a house.
  13. Pray the entire year for a personal list of “big” prayer requests. Watch God work.
  14. Be active 5 days a week.

Lifetime goals:

15. Hike in New Zealand.
16. Sail on the ocean and spend the night on a sailboat.
17. Write a non-fiction book.
18. More kids.
19. Run a 5k.
20. Open an online shop.
21. Visit the Redwood Forest and wine country with my husband (because what is more romantic than nature and wine?).
22. Serve on a mission trip to an African country.
23. Serve on a mission trip to a Central or South American country.
24.Grow my own garden.
25. Learn to can, ferment, and make excellent dill pickles.
26. Take my parents on vacation (and pay for the entire thing).

What about y’all? Do you set goals each year on your birthday or when the new year rolls around?


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