Dreaming Big

I’ve been challenged lately by the possibility of believing in some of my big dreams. I’m a dreamer from way back, mind always churning and wandering, glimpses of possibilities dancing around.

But I have this dream-killing problem.

Fear. It talks me out of dreaming all the time. You don’t have the skills to do that. You’d have to be so lucky to ever get a chance like that. There’s no way that would ever happen. 

I’m thinking the One who created me with the capacity to dream is gently telling me something. Take hold of them. Ask for them. Ask me for them. Act on them in faith.

Naming what you want and then not receiving it is scary, too, though. Investing time, prayer, and emotion in something to have it not work out would be difficult, even crushing. But I know my Creator enough to know that if He leads me down a road, He will never be surprised by the journey or the destination, even if I am.

So I’m going to try to trust my God above my fear and lay hold to some of my big dreams. How?

{1} Name them: Talk about them, verbalize them, pray for them specifically.
{2} Start planning: Take steps to manifest my dreams, even if it’s only writing out a plan for myself at first.
{3} Pray: Consistently, specifically, boldly, submitting to God’s good will.
{4} Keep dreaming: Keep it going! Don’t cut myself off when my dreams seem too good, too much, too big.

What are you dreaming about, friend? Do you find it difficult or easy to believe in the things you most want?


2 thoughts on “Dreaming Big

  1. You know what limits my dreaming? Putting God in a box as if He’s not big enough to bless my big dreams. I HATE that I do that! Instead of saying to myself, “There’s just no way!” I need to say, “There is a way, if God so chooses” That is why I LOVED {3} Pray: Consistently, specifically, boldly, submitting to God’s good will. I need to keep dreaming BIG & praying even bigger 🙂

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