On Refreshment & Friendships

We snuck away for the first time without the precious little one for the past couple of days. We stayed with friends, who were so hospitable and fun that I didn’t want to leave, and saw one of my favorite bands play.

Can I just tell you what refreshment it was to my spirit? To have easy conversation, to laugh over and over, to do something that was exactly what my pre-baby self would do?

I was struck by the power of fellowship. In the past two years, my dearest friends have all moved away. You know the kind of friends I’m talking about–where there’s no self-consciousness, no filtering yourself, just ease and honesty and acceptance even in your differences. Every one of mine has moved out of state, and I’ve realized what an unnatural task it can become to forge those true connections as an adult. Then there’s couple friends. How difficult is that, huh? Finding another couple where the four of you really mesh can feel downright impossible.

So this weekend, as four of us lived easily together for 48 hours, and I found myself wishing we could stay just one more day, my heart was grateful for real friendships. It’s so very sweet to our souls, and God provided it in abundance for me the past few days.

And how cute is my husband? And how wonderful is Lexington, KY? I hope we visit again soon.


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