Where Wisdom Starts

There wasn’t a She Shares link-up for She Reads Truth today, but I already had this post ready to go.

Proverbs has me pondering what true wisdom looks like. How do you know it in your own heart, in your own life? Sometimes I’m just not sure what the right path is.

I have no answers, but I am learning a great deal from this new study. God has clearly shown me: wisdom is not a set of principles that I memorize, it is humbling myself before Him moment-by-moment and seeking His way. In some ways, that’s harder, isn’t it?

I like rules. I like black and white. I like knowing what I can and cannot do. Rules make it clear how to succeed (and fail). But our wonderful God is not about rules; He is about sanctifying us through grace, changing our hearts, transforming us from the inside out. And that is most definitely not a simple process. But we know the Source of all wisdom! As believers, we are the dwelling place of His very Spirit! Mind blown over here.

There’s something else I’m learning as well. God’s wisdom is not the same as man’s wisdom. It’s easy to say, “well of course not.” But I’ve been challenged to deeply consider this Biblical fact. When reading about the path of the foolish and evil, it’s too easy to imagine only those choices that are blatantly destructive, but there is more subtlety to it than that. For 20+ years, I made what civilized society considers excellent decisions. However, many of them were made with little submission to God. When I jumped off the deep end of faith, my decisions started to look a little questionable, even to some other Christians. The wisdom of the world seeps into our Christian lives. Intention is required to push aside “good” decisions or “smart” decisions for Godly decisions.

I’m a foolish woman, but my God is the very definition of all wisdom, and He will pour it out in my life if I will earnestly seek Him.


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