When Failure Comes

Failure seems to come up on me like a mudslide. All at once, I’m in trouble, and the trouble keeps coming.

Angry thoughts. Sharp words. All spouting from a self-centered heart.

For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Matthew 12:34b

And I have to wonder: what is in my heart that makes my mouth speak so? And how do I change it?

The only answer I have is both vague and specific: Jesus. can’t change it. He can. He will, but that process of sanctification is still a bumpy one, so sometimes the failures pile up.

I hate failing. I hate my own hypocrisy. I hate that when I start to climb a significant spiritual mountain I so often succumb to enemy diversions.

But, my hope is in grace and forgiveness. When we repent, God forgives. And we all move on. That glorifies God: the getting up and getting at it again.

Friends, what do you do those days that you find yourself stumbling again and again?


One thought on “When Failure Comes

  1. I just commented about this over at SheReadsTruth…Proverbs 6:19b A person who stirs up conflict in the community. For me that means repeating a story about someone rather then stopping it. I HATE that I get caught up in gossip amongst the groups I’m in rather it’s at my boys school, football committees or even church. I need keep praying that the Holy Spirit would convict me to STOP the story!

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