Caroline at 4 Months

Last weekend, my baby completed her fourth month of life. And I have officially become a cliche….I cannot remember life without her. Intellectually, sure, I recall that my time used to revolve almost solely around my whims, but I can’t find it within myself to wish for that time back.

This is so much better. People told me it would be, and, honestly, I thought I might end up the only horrible person in the world not convinced. I couldn’t imagine being so happy to turn my life over.

There’s significance now. My days, more than ever, are filled with repetitive, mundane domestic tasks. But they matter. I do them for her, for her daddy who works six days a week so I have something to clean, for our family who lives life in this house, for our Lord who so graciously gave it all. I’m building her life, day by day. I’m her example. I have the ability to show her grace and the Gospel in the tiny slivers and big chunks of life. That matters. That makes the dishes and the laundry and the time spent on the floor making her laugh matter.

I hope wherever you are on your mothering journey–or even if you’re not there yet–you know that it matters. What we think no one sees, God acknowledges. What we think is slipping under everyone’s radars, it will mold the ones we share our lives with, day by day.

Caroline, you have given me the best 4 months of life yet. You are God’s biggest miracle to me.


One thought on “Caroline at 4 Months

  1. Rebecca: Beautiful words. It is hard to keep that perspective when we’re doing the day in and day out of laundry and diapers, but what a sweet reminder. You put it so well! thanks so much for linking up at mercyink— featuring your post tomorrow 🙂


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