He Will See Us Through

God has been all up in my business lately.

You know when He does that? When He just keeps molding and shaping you, and sometimes it’s so personal and goes so deep that you think you might not recognize yourself pretty soon?

The past two years have been that way for me, and in a multitude of ways, I don’t recognize myself. Or rather, I don’t recognize the girl I used to be. I can’t put myself back into her mind, can’t pretend to live with the glaring blindspots she possessed.

And two years from now, hopefully I’ll say the same about who I am today.

It’s hard and it’s delightful, this up-close-and-personal work in the Potter’s hands. Dying to self is hard. But seeing change that you never could have produced on your own–that is so brilliantly and clearly the work of Jesus–that’s delightful.

Today I’m resting in the knowledge that it’s all His grace. Not a drop of it is me. It’s His work, and He will see it through.

Whatever God is working in your heart and in your life, know that it is HIS work. Don’t let the enemy hold you back with fear, anxiety, impatience, or insecurity. God is faithful to complete His good work in us (Philippians 1:6).

I’m so happy to be on this journey with you, SheReadsTruth sisters.


11 thoughts on “He Will See Us Through

  1. LOVED this post Rebecca! God has been molding Jeff & I over the last 18 months. It’s HARD being pinched, shaped & pulled, but in the end….we ARE so much better then when He started 🙂 You are so right, God IS faithful! I especially liked where you mentioned that this change is the work of Jesus & not us.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I found you via the “She Shares” linkup… & I’m glad I did! It’s so beautiful when we notice the changes He has made in our lives, & in our hearts. How He has changed us– helped you see the woman He wants you to be, the woman He has created you to be. I love it!

    Have a great weekend!
    Breanna @ Blog by Bre

  3. He never stops changing us: He always keeps growiing us in Him as long as we let Him. We never “arrive”. I have a 70 something metor is is one of the fmost beautiful Christ-like women I know and she never misses an opportunity to grow in Him! I just wish I had started when I was your age!

    • This is something I was reminded of recently, too. At a meeting of church teachers, there was an 80-year-old-something lady who teaches, leads prayer gatherings, etc. She was the most vocal person there! I loved it! You could just see that her walk with the Lord is still vibrant and relevant to her.

  4. I feel in love with your blog from the very first line I read
    “God has been all up in my business lately.”

    Just this week I felt God calling to me, pulling me in, asking me to talk with Him for a minute, but I was feeling stubborn and rotten and tried to ignore Him. When I finally started the #Shereadstruth this week, the first verse nailed me right in the gut. He straight up tackled me with His Truth right when I needed it. He knows I need Him now, and has bypassed my stubborn disposition and been “all up in my business” too!

    I love it!

    Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to read through your other entries!


    • Jenny, thank you so much for the sweet comment! I’m glad you can relate! God is doing great things in so many individual lives through #SheReadsTruth. It’s a blessing to get to do this together! And it’s wonderful when He knows how “stubborn and rotten” we are, and He breaks through it all anyway. I feel like that’s everyday of my life!

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