Hunger for God’s Word

Friends, my heart is so thrilled about this new Friday activity. The #SheReadsTruth community is going to be sharing with one another every Friday–growth, struggle, conviction, praise, whatever it is that God is working out in our lives. What an incredible celebration of the Lord!

When I jumped into this daily Bible-reading community during the first week or so, I wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary to happen. I was already pretty consistent in reading my Bible, though I was having a harder time since the little one was born (they have this odd tendency to upset all prior routines). I was craving some Christian community, though, so I jumped in.

And girls, it’s just been an amazing time.

I’ve learned to press into the Word. Not just read, not just take away the obvious truths, but to start really studying. I’ve been a Christian many years, and I’ve never been this hungry for God’s Word before! I realized there’s so much to learn about the Bible. I meditate on it more, search out context about the specific book a passage is in (can really add meaning!), and am trying to learn more about the Bible in general.

I want to encourage you in this: God will do it. He will give you a thirst for Him, and He will cultivate understanding and discernment as you grow in Him. I’m investing a great deal more time in His Word than I ever have, and I have an infant. It’s not because I’ve made some great decision–it’s all HIM. He has allowed me to let go of other distractions in my life and experience great enjoyment in my time with Him.

If you’re struggling with daily Bible study, please know that we all do. I have been flaky about it. I have been bored by it. I have been confused and frustrated in it. And sometimes I still am.

God’s grace covers all that. Just press into it as much as you can, and ask Him for the Spirit to minister to you through the Word.

He’ll do an amazing work before you know it.


4 thoughts on “Hunger for God’s Word

  1. It is a huge struggle for me and I’m so grateful for this community that it has shown me we all struggle. I have been praying that God will give me this desire to spend more time in the Word and have a “can’t get enough” attitude towards it. I know it will happen, I’m trying to be patient in this request. Thankfully, She Reads Truth is a fantastic motivator until then.

    • It will happen, friend! The more you get into the Word, the more you want it. But believe me….I spent years (and years and more years) as a Christian struggling with Bible reading. And some mornings, my twitter feed is still more enticing than settling down into quiet time. We all have those times. Stay encouraged!

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