How Do You Abide?

This blog was so named because it began as a place for me to hash out my spiritual walk. To put it down on virtual paper. To document. I found it was a needed step in going deeper with my Lord. I wanted to abide in Him–to rest in Him, live in Him, exist in Him–every moment. But all that resting and living and existing requires intention; because I am fleshly, it doesn’t just happen that I can abide in the Spirit. With God’s grace and leading, it is possible, though. I’ve found it very necessary to fill my life with Him. With His people, His words, His ways. Here is what that looks like for me.

1} Daily time in the Word. For many years, I felt that Bible reading was a “checklist item” to make God happy more than anything else. (Legalism, anyone?) I tried to be faithful in it, but I found it tedious. Something changed, though, and I began to see it as a great privilege to hold in my hands Scriptures breathed by God. I need to get into it everyday. To fill my mind with it. To write it on my heart. It truly is a precious resource for our daily lives.

2} Christian community. The Bible is clear: we are the collective church of Christ. We answer for ourselves, yes, but what we do affects the entire body. Specific congregations all have their issues, and the overall public image of the church certainly has its struggles. But I believe it is Biblical that we gather regularly in a faith community, and I can certainly attest to the health it imparts in my spiritual life. I don’t just mean Sunday morning church. I mean immersing ourselves in a group of believers where you can share, support, encourage, be convicted, receive and give prayer, edify and be edified. For me, this happens in our church and also in the online Christian community.

3} Edifying extras. I’m always exposing myself to something–whatever I’m reading, listening to, watching–it all has some effect. I’ve started focusing on making these exposures count, making them edifying or educational rather than mindless entertainment. Pretty please don’t think I’m saying I sit around reading Bible commentaries all day. There are plenty of days where the TV plays ESPN for hours and all I read is Self magazine and fashion blogs. But I’ve been trying to fill my head and heart with other things, too–sermon podcasts, books that challenge or grow my faith, Christian blogs. It’s just a matter of keeping my focus on the things of eternity rather than the things of this world.

4} Prayer. Keeping an open line of communication, talking to Him throughout the day as if He’s right at my side (He is!), is irreplaceable. It helps me repent faster, accept grace easier, and experience more victories if I will just go to Him. Sometimes all I can say is, “Lord, I don’t want to pray right now, but help me, please. Fix this stinking sinful heart.”

What about you, friends? How do you abide in Him daily? I would love to hear from you on this!



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