Caroline’s 1st Swim

We’re taking what I call a “work vacation” this week. The week surrounding the 4th of July is my family’s busiest time at the resort, so the husband and I are helping out. But I’m trying to convince myself that it’s also a summer getaway. We’re staying at the family condo, I’m eating too much homemade ice cream, and the baby got in her first swim.

Swim diaper. Floppy hat. We’re ready to soak up some vitamin D.

Standing up! No screaming! I consider that a victory.

Being a fish is hard work. A nap was required while mama and Aunt Kim had breakfast.


On a side note, the J.Crew one-piece swimsuit I splurged on was 100% worth it to feel decent at the pool 3 months after giving birth. Because really, who wants to waste energy worrying about their baby belly when your little one is splashing in the baby pool for the first time? Not me.

Hope you all are staying cool in this crazy heat wave!



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