how great Thou art

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with how good everything is?

I know we all have our troubles. The past few months have seen the highest and lowest of my days.

But I walk out of my house and see the green fields stretching out below the sun, and my heart surges with gratitude.

I love this life the Lord is giving me.

The enemy tries to tell me, in my moments of praise, that I should fear the time it all comes crumbling down.

And at some point, I know, there will be another valley. Perhaps even before this day is through. The intensity of those possibilities presses on me harder now than ever, now that I have so much preciousness to lose.

But I will not give into that fear.

I will close my eyes and feel the evening sun warm my skin. I will take it in. All this goodness, all this peace.

And I savor it all the more because I know God has been teaching me something about holding onto my contentment even when the sun goes behind the next coming cloud.

I will stumble, but His grace will catch me, buoying my head above the water.

There is always hope. And there is no fear in Love.


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