giving up on good: being intentional

Edit: Apparently there was no link up this week, but I had already scheduled this, so…here ya go.

I’m linking up with Hayley and Jessi on Thursdays for Giving Up On Good! Check their blogs for a complete list of ladies giving up on good stuff to create more space in their lives for the great stuff.

God has an ironic sense of humor; I’m completely convinced of that. For example, He has placed me in one of the domains in life in which I am under-skilled and overwhelmed–the domestic realm of home and family. As an academic and professional, I was pretty confident in my skills (or at least my ability to acquire them), and I utilized them carefully and thoroughly. But this domestic stuff…man, do I struggle.

It’s exponentially more difficult for me to keep a clean kitchen than it was for me to conduct the research for and write my thesis, but clean the kitchen is amongst the tasks that I am called to do in my current station in life. I’m so thankful that God has placed me at home, where I can be available to my family and invest my time into the daily details of our lives. It’s a privilege. But–it’s a an unnatural and messy learning process for me. So throughout this Giving Up On Good series, I’ve had a pretty easy time identifying areas that I allow myself to slack in because there is an embarrassing amount of them!

What I’m learning from this process is that I need to be prayerful and intentional. I need to pay attention to my time. Not so I can strive for perfection, but so I can know that the good I am giving up is truly allowing greater good to flourish in my home and my life. Because honestly, y’all, my days feel a little haphazard right now. So I’m spending this week thinking about my goals for our family, what needs to happen to make those goals workable, and what can fall by the wayside. I’m taking notes and test driving a few things. I’m hoping that the good I give up will be by choice rather than neglect.

Hope you’re having a lovely week filled with all sorts of goodness!


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