31 Days

The Nester is encouraging everyone to begin brainstorming for the 31 Days series in October. It’s thirty-one days of writing on one topic–something light, something deep, something instructive, something reflective.

I have two wildly different ideas bouncing around in my head. One of them is airy and fun, and I have confidence in my ability to write 31 days of posts on it. The other topic, though–I feel unqualified and self-conscious and just plain in-over-my-head talking about something like it. BUT.

But God is nudging me quite clearly in that scary direction.

And He’s been working on me about purpose and fear. About chasing the purpose and losing the fear. I don’t know what He has for me, and I never will if I don’t take the chances He has ordained. And my fears are so inconsequential and yet so common. Failing in front of people. Disapproval. Not being liked. That everyone will think I’m just ridiculously stupid.

We all have something worth saying, worth giving, worth sharing. God created us, and He tenaciously works on His children.

So, I’m preparing to share in the 31 Days series this fall, and I’m expecting some wonderful, fun stuff to come of it. Join in!


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