giving up on good: the full beauty routine

I’m linking up with Jessi and Hayley again for Giving Up On Good! Check their blogs for the full link-up. It’s a blessing!

A few years back, I had to give up my full primping routine. It was simply too lengthy for a graduate student to summons the energy for, and I had started to realize it felt pretty unnecessary as well. Since then, I can get ready to leave the house and face humanity in under fifteen minutes if need be–without looking like a hobo.

Here’s how I look put together even with a 10 week old:

1. Infrequent showering: I’m with Jessi on this one. Two to three times a week does it for me since that’s as often as I care to detangle my hair. Also, showering at night and putting hair up in a high bun–great time saver.

2. Dry shampoo: After important things like my kid and Jesus, it’s the light of my life. I try to keep at least 2 bottles.

3. 3-minute makeup: Foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer if I’m feeling ambitious. Find products you can depend on and keep them easily accessible.

4. Ponytails and braids. And braids and ponytails.

5. Easy accessories: A good-looking watch, simple stud earrings, or a stack of bracelets add interest to an outfit without me having to put much thought into it.

Where I do put forth some effort is in my wardrobe. Clothes/styling/fashion is a happy thing for me, so I don’t mind taking the time on it when I can spare a few extra minutes. Even if I have to throw something on quickly, it’s jeans and a cute shirt or a dress because I just don’t like going to the grocery in something that I could practice yoga in. It’s just my thing, I guess. But if you wear sweats to the supermarket: no judgement here. This is one area where I think we can safely say to each their own.


4 thoughts on “giving up on good: the full beauty routine

  1. You are totally speaking my language!! With three kids, I have no choice but to compromise in this area. Also, when I do go all out to dress up for a date night or church, my husband really notices and loves it (because it’s so different from my daily attire).

  2. I have had to let go on washing my hair so much b/c my commute to work is hellish (as is my curly hair), so it’s either a few minutes more of sleep or wash the hair, which is a real project (incl the post-wash “styling”). I still haven’t mustered the courage to skip a shower (unless I’m going to work out), but never if I am going to work. Would save time I suppose, but my showers are super quick (shower cap, anyone?), and they really wake me up!

  3. When I was commuting an hour each way to work, I started doing as much as I could at night (showering, getting coffee ready to brew, packing my work bag). Really helped me feel less frazzled in the morning when I was trying to get out of the house.

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