I always wondered what people with babies did all day….

…and then I found out.

Wake up! Last night tied for our longest night of sleep ever–10 hours. The three nights before that were more like 6 hours, feed, rock, then back to sleep for about 3 more. Either way, I can’t complain.

This morning, Daddy doesn’t have to get to work by a preset time, so he does the unswaddling, changing, and first feed. Cuddle time for baby and Daddy while Mama gets the coffee going (woohoo!), cleans a round of bottles, and loads the dishwasher. I sneak in some eggs for breakfast before Daddy leaves us for the day. Caroline stretches and kicks a few minutes while being entertained by her rainforest mobile.

Today, Caroline gets a bath, which she is very ambivalent about.

More food, some rocking, and it’s baby nap time. Does anyone else ever feel guilty for how much you look forward to your little one’s nap time? Because seriously…I love it, and I feel a little guilty about that.

Throw in a load of laundry. Settle onto the couch for some quiet time, #SheReadsTruth, and blog reading. Feeling productive, so laundry even gets folded. Nevermind that this particular load has been clean and setting in the basket for three days. I’ll be honest–my laundry goals these days are pretty minimal: clean burp cloths for the baby and clean socks/underwear for the husband. That’s all. I wash my clothes as they get covered in spit-up.

Baby is awake. More eating! Caroline is bottomless pit these days, so we are almost always eating. After a few minutes, back to sleep for baby. It’s too hot outside for the walk I wanted to take, so I head back to the computer while she sleeps. Finally start that load of dishes. Put laundry up (!!).

Awake. Baby entertained by mobile again while I eat some cottage cheese for a quick lunch. Play–we’re very into standing up and looking around these days. Try to take picture with photo booth. Finally have to eat again. Have a sweet time rocking in the nursery. Mama prays and baby drifts off.

Baby gets afternoon nap, and Mama is feeling shockingly productive. Clean the counters! Pay bills! Start blog posts! I’m like the amazing productivity lady today.

Daddy’s home! Mama gets dressed for the first time all day and heads to town for a Wal-Mart run. Pick up frozen pizza for a quick dinner. Mama and Daddy take turns with baby until Aunt arrives and steals baby away.

Nine o’clock means time to fill that baby belly, swaddle tightly, and rock to sleep by 10.

Do it all again tomorrow.

And that’s what people with babies do all day.


2 thoughts on “I always wondered what people with babies did all day….

  1. You are a busy mommy! Your girl is super cute. 🙂 & I always avoid folding/putting away laundry…definitely my least favorite part of the process!

    P.S. Thanks so much for your comment the other day! It means a lot to me! 🙂

    • Oh, thank you! She’s a sweetie (as long as that belly is full), and it’s nice to be busy with such good things.

      Thanks for dropping by, Jacky!

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