do not be discouraged

Last night, a group of old friends gathered for the first time in a few years to send off one of the families with love, well wishes, and, of course, food.

The totality of the story wasn’t known to everyone present, but the truth was that we were celebrating a mighty work of the Lord in that family’s life. For many months, a friend had been begging and wrestling and, ultimately, trusting God like never before and in a way that even amongst Christians is often rare. It isn’t my story to share, but it is a testimony, not only to the world but to other Christians as well, of the absolute, magnificent, wondrous power of the Lord we serve.

On the dark drive home, my heart was overwhelmed with praise. So many months of prayer, such a common but heartbreaking situation, and then God’s glorious work right there before my eyes. He can mend our broken places. He can transform our human hearts. He can tend to every. little. bitty. detail of our lives.


My husband and I got some disappointing news this morning about an exciting potential opportunity. We’re trying to let the chickens hatch before we count the eggs, but honestly, we’re pretty invested in this possibility. I tried to encourage my husband, prayed that he wouldn’t feel discouraged, reminded myself that God knows what is good for us better than we do. But–

I was feeling a little let down, especially for my husband.

Then I remembered my friend and that family and how my heart had wanted to burst with praise only twelve hours ago.

Not only is God in control, and not only does He know what’s best, but He is fully able to make it all happen. No situation is too great.


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