the lie

While rocking my girl to sleep several days ago, I had a moment of insight. I looked at her soft, chubby cheeks and tiny mouth and realized I had bought into a lie somewhere along the journey of my first few weeks of motherhood. I thought about my own mom and the adoration I had always felt for her, and I thought, “Is that who I am now? Am I that object of adoration for this little girl?” And then, the lie–”There’s no way she loves me that much.”

For reasons I don’t completely understand, my heart seems unable to accept that this little being does, in fact, love me the way all little ones love their mommies. And with time, as that love grows and changes, I will continue to be that person to her. I am her mama. More than likely, she will love and need me more than any other for many years.

Why can’t I accept the radiance of that love?

And what does that say about how well I am truly accepting the love of my God day-to-day?

As I sift through these things, I’m thankful for the #SheReadsTruth girls who are looking at their own toxic thoughts and replacing them with God’s powerful, divine truth. Satan steals so much joy with the deceit he plants in our minds, but He who is in us is greater. Praise Him.


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