giving up on good: a cute house

I’m linking up with Jessi and Hayley for Giving Up On Good today! Make sure to check their sites for the full roundup of girls giving up good things to make more room for in our lives for what matters most to us. It’s individual and honest and entertaining!

Oh how I adore a cutely dressed and accessorized home. There’s something about the special touches of a well decorated place that make  you want to settle in and stay a while. In my adult life, I’ve lived in multiple apartments and two houses, and I have never gotten a place completely decorated. It’s not one of my most natural skills; I would much rather style clothing.

This past year, I finally decided to let it go. I will never be the girl with the perfectly styled home. And that’s okay with me.

Perhaps eventually I will narrow down my interior decorating style and deck out a house to the smallest details. It’s doubtful, though. More than likely, I’ll just keep buying items I love–whether they’re bohemian or shabby or modern–and throwing them together more or less haphazardly.

Here are a few poorly decorated corners of our home:

My dusty hearth. Also notice the black residue from our gas logs; it’s kind of stuck there. To the left, you will also see a pack of diapers lying around. Otherwise, I wanted an all-white, shabby chic thing going on, but it didn’t quite turn out that way. Why do I still love it? I took all the photos in the old window while I was studying in Europe a few summers ago. And that’s our wedding photo in the small, wooden frame.

This is one of my favorite little areas of our home, but it’s always cluttered. Mail on the top ledge, drinks piled up on the floor, diaper bag in the chair, mop leaned up against the wall. Why do I still love it? That’s the desk my great-grandfather used in his office at our family business, a business that has now seen its fourth generation. On the top ledge, there’s one of my favorite pictures of my husband and me (taken on a hike in Sewanee, TN), an old photograph of my grandparents, and a collection of vintage books.

This is what happens when I try to spruce up the front porch. My in-laws’ old furniture, some colorful cushions, and a half-dead, knocked-over-contiually-by-the-wind fern. It’s not so pretty, but why do I still love it? Mostly because I at least tried. I hunted down some affordable, cute cushions 2 days before I was scheduled to give birth, and I bought that fern even though plants always meet their death at my hands. I put forth some effort for our sad little porch, and that makes me happy enough.

I feel sure that the trappings of my house will never inspire oohs and ahhs, but I’m okay with that. I don’t need to be that woman. Truthfully, I would rather spend any extra cash on clothes rather than curtains, and I’m never going to keep all those flat surfaces decluttered anyway. So I’m giving up–not only on the idea of a perfectly dressed house but also on the guilt of not having one.


2 thoughts on “giving up on good: a cute house

  1. Saw your comment on my blog, I too had a super hard first postpartum. Baby blues, irrational thinking, lots of crying. I met with a counselor and it was a lot of fear I was dealing with. God has used a lot of things over the years to let me let go of the fear and hold on to him ,,particularly when it come to my children and part of how he has done this is through the support of friends and family, so cling close to them and let them help you, you will be a better Mommy for it. Enjoy that sweet new baby and I think your house in adorable even with dead potted plants:)

    • I appreciate your sweet words of support so much. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and share them with me! I have found it so helpful to hear someone else say “you’re not the only one.”

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