A Prayer

My dear Lord-

There is much I don’t understand and much that I know you don’t intend for me to understand. Right now–this season of life I’m living–is fleeting and blessed, and I don’t understand why it feels so dark sometimes. I wonder why this is my experience, why it can’t be light and easy instead. Why can’t I just be emotionally marinating in joy like so many others seem to be? I don’t want the answer to that. I’m not really seeking the “why.” It just hurts, and I want you to know. It somehow comforts me just knowing that you know–you know my heart better than I, and that alone eases the burden.

This pain is refining fire, sharpening iron, shaping by the Potter’s hands. It is good. It will bring good. You have promised it will because you are goodness and love and the perfect parent. I’m a parent now, too, and as the constant giving of care exhausts me, I think of your endless, exhaustless faithfulness. You are good.

Heal my heart and my spirit, and keep my mind centered on You. Thank you for the sweetest of blessings in my life, and help me to feel the joy of them daily.

I love you imperfectly and terribly, and I praise you for your perfect love.

In Jesus’ name, always, I pray.


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