Word for 2012: Praise

I didn’t intend to choose a theme word for 2012. I have never done it before, and as the calendar turned into the new year, I had no conviction to do so this year. Yesterday, though, God pricked my heart with a subject that has been recurrent in my devotions for some months now.

The Lord has been working on me about my need to just PRAISE Him–not only after answered prayers, not only for the day I am living, not only for the good things, but to spend time and the energy of my heart bowing down to Him for who He is. Daily. Hourly.

In my daily YouVersion ESV study plan, I have been reading, amongst other things, the Psalms of David. He was a giver of such consistent and passionate praise! I have often read those words and offered them up to God as my own praise, all the while sharply feeling how short I come of offering worshipful moments of my spirit to the Lord who is worthy of all praise.

In the coming months of 2012, I want to offer my Lord praise, not only for all He does, but for who He IS. I want to recognize Him as the Almighty, All-Powerful, Sovereign, Love, Creator and bow down to Him for simply being.